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Top 3 Long Fable for A children: The lion and the elephant

Fable for children lion and the elephant

The Lion and the Elephant

All animals deeply revered their king the lion. They recognized their bearing, strength, fierceness and bravery and did not care at all that he ruled them for a long time.However, there was something that bothered them a lot and it was that the monarch had an old and heavy elephant as his favorite friend, a fact that they never understood.Everyone went out of their way to be the king’s favorite and believed themselves with better attributes than the elephant to be.Grudge and envy reached such a point that one day they wanted to make an assembly to share their disagreements and see how to make the lion choose another friend.Once they were reunited, the first to speak was the fox.

Our king is magnificent, but we will have to agree that he is not good at choosing friends. If at least I had chosen someone as cunning as me, the smartest animal, and with a beautiful hairy tail like mine, I would have understood and this assembly had no place, he said with all the security of the world.I do not understand how the lion can walk with an animal that lacks large and powerful claws like mine- said the bear, who had not attended to everything said by the fox.For his part, the donkey called the previous two fools and exclaimed. For me it’s more than clear. The king likes the elephant because he has big ears like mine, only he discovered that first one and he didn’t have the pleasure of meeting me.

And so, alone able to see their supposed virtues, the animals never managed to agree and much less determine the reason for the lion’s preference for the elephant. Many less were able to bring their concerns to this and understand the importance of values ​​such as modesty and selflessness, capable of making the best things in life come by their own weight and right.

Long Fable 2020
Top 3 LLong Fable 2020 for A children: The lion and the elephant

The cat and his sardine

Once upon a time there was a sardine-loving cat, whose clumsiness made it impossible for him to get his precious food at ease.One day, unable to eat sardines at home he decided to go to the fair in the square, where there were several vendors offering the tasty fish. Calculator, the cat crouched behind a wall and waited for a vendor to neglect to jump over one of the baskets and steal as many sardines as he could.When the time came, the cat jumped, but his awkwardness made the man notice immediately and threw him with a stick, allowing him to take only a small sardine.Frustrated, but not quite, the cat went to a lake to quench his thirst.

He had run so much to escape the blows that before tasting the fish he felt the need to drink the precious liquid.When he was about to do it, he saw the image of another cat in the water with a sardine larger than his own, which he disliked and made him jump to catch it.However, after much fighting he realized that he had only seen his distorted and enlarged reflex, and that he had lost his greed to his little sardine because of greed. Another day that would pass without tasting your favorite food.

The Hare and the Turtle

Once upon a time there was a very fast hare that, aware of its ability, constantly made fun of other animals because it was believed superior to them.The preferred target of his attacks was a slow turtle, to which he kept telling hurtful things.But what a slow turtle! Be careful not to be too old by the time you reach your destination today. Don’t go so fast that you will hurt yourself – the hare continually said mockingly and wryly.At the beginning many animals laughed their thanks, but by not decreasing these and being so constant, many felt already tired of the hare, which they thought was arrogant, arrogant and really heavy.Tired also of such mockery, the turtle dared one day and said to the hare.

You know, I’m sure that with all my slowness I could win you a race.How?  the hare asked. – What can you beat me in a race, I doubt that.Confident of his speed and the slowness of the rival, the hare accepted the challenge, although more than that he considered it a piece of cake.They agreed to start the race right away and called the rest of the forest animals to the starting line.When the start signal was made the hare kept boasting with the others at the exit and let the turtle, with a slow step, take distance.After a while the hare began his career and was certainly fast. In a short time he passed the turtle, but not before uttering insults and calling her crazy.When he took relative advantage, the hare would lie on the side of the road to rest or do other things and let the turtle, which never stopped, pass him with its slow walk.

This operation was repeated many times, confident that he would end up winning the race in a final impulse, no matter how much advantage the turtle took.However, when he had taken this far in one of the advances, he saw a leafy tree that cast a rich shadow on which to rest for a few minutes. He did so and he felt so good and confident that he fell asleep.When he woke up, the hare noticed that the turtle was almost reaching the finish line, which is why he started running with great speed.However, the speed at this point was no longer enough and the turtle ended up winning the race, making the hare an object of laughter from the rest of the animals, which praised the former for her perseverance.

From that day on, the hare learned to respect others as they are, and not to be so proud or confident.

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