Riddles in English

Riddles in English Hilarious riddles all about Riddles in English

Riddles Riddles in English

Some English Riddles

  1. I am not alive but I can grow. I do not have lungs but I need air to survive. What am I?
    See solution: Fire
    hint: It burns you
  2. There was a girl half my age when I was 12, now I am 64, how old is she?
    See track Solution: 58, half of 12 is 6 so 64-6 is 58
    hint: She was 6 years old.

English riddles for children with answers

Children’s riddles in English are a challenge for children as they have to find out in another language the answer they should give, but, on the other hand, they are one of the best techniques that can be done so that children can assimilate and know better a language that is increasingly useful and international.

Riddles in English 2020
Riddles in English 2020 Hilarious riddles all about Riddles in English

One of the best ways to teach English is through games and riddles with which in a fun and entertaining way they can get to use the words they are using in school and, therefore, by giving them use and not just memorizing them they end for assimilating them better, introducing them into their usual vocabulary when they speak or write in this foreign language.

The riddles in English must contain in order to be useful words that the child has previously given or that work is being done on this topic to reinforce ideas and concepts, since it will be useless to teach them a difficult riddle when they do not know the words written nor knows the word in question that will be the answer. For this, you should always start with easy riddles in English, but that pose a small challenge, This way you will enjoy the experience more and strive.

The child has to have fun and feel that it is difficult to find out the solution, something that, once he discovers the answer, he is motivated to know other difficult riddles with which to continue progressing. This evolution will make the child learn all the words much faster, without having to memorize them for hours, making him have a good time and can even add riddles thanks to children who make them laugh once they have succeeded.

There are many language teachers who use this methodology to make their students more attentive to English classes and know more. Therefore, if you want your child to learn faster and better, motivate him with one of these riddles in children’s English, you will see that he will have a great time.

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