Hare and the Frogs

Long Fable: The legs of an elephant

legs of an elephant

The legs of an elephant

Jungle animals taking classes were surprised by the emergence of a new student in the classroom: the elephant.That animal was so big, especially its paws, that most of them believed that it should be really awkward and that it could not even write its name. How would you grab the pencil to write having such limbs?This common thought caused everyone’s laughter and teasing.

However, as soon as the teacher began his usual dictation, everyone was amazed to see the skill with which the elephant handled the pencil.He used his trunk for this and proved in the end to be the most skilled of all animals, despite his large legs.

legs of an elephant
Long Fable: The legs of an elephant

The Fox and the Crow

A raven was on top of a tree savoring a delicious piece of cheese, when suddenly a fox, who had come there because he had felt the scent of the precious food, said.How is dear crow doing? I have come to see your beautiful plumage closely, which in the distance aroused my admiration. I want to tell you that if you sing the same way you look, you are a perfect creature.Not adapted to be flattered, since it had always been a bird associated with bad fortune, the crow was seduced by the compliment of the fox. He thought that his attention deserved to please him with a song, so he opened his beak to sing, dropping the piece of cheese to the ground, where the fox waits predatoryly.

Having the cheese in his possession, she began to laugh and said.Listen to me friend, your innocence deserves to give you some advice: never be enchanted by the least compliment or flattery. Try to always see beyond. This advice of the paid by the tasty piece of cheese that has given me, in the end the real cause of coming here.That said, the fox justify and the crow felt annoyed and full of shame. He swore he wouldn’t be fooled so easily anymore.

The Hare and the Frogs

Once upon a time there was a hare that lived sorry for being such a shy and fearful animal.He thought he had to be very unhappy, because always, before the slightest noise or whipping of the wind, he felt a deep fear and ran to take shelter in his burrow.This combination of shyness and fear made her very tired, but in the end she had no courage to do anything else and regret continued to make a dent in her life.One day like any other, he went for a little walk, not far from his shelter, and before a strange noise he ran as usual to take refuge.

Such speed developed that he did not realize that he was going straight to a puddle of frogs, until he finally stepped on it.The inhabitants of the pond were very scared and ran terrified before the irruption of the hare, which already in their hiding place, and full of regret for scaring other animals, she understood that she was not the only one experiencing fear of certain events in life.

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