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Animal Fable” long fable animals with a moral lesson

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Two mice of different classes

Once upon a time, there was a peasant mouse whose friend was another member of the court whom he once invited to eat in the countryside. He could only offer wheat and weed for what his friend the courtier told him. This life you lead is like that of an ant, while I have a lot of goods. Why don’t you come with me and take everything you want?

The two mice were on their way to court and when the courtier arrived he showed thousands of delicacies to his friend, figs, wheat, legumes, cheese, honey, and fruits.The peasant mouse, seeing so much food, blessed his friend again and again and cursed his poor life. When they were ready to eat, a man entered and the two very scared mice ran nonstop towards the hole to hide.

After a while, they returned in search of dried figs and again another person came to the place causing great fear in the small rodents who returned to the crack with much fear. After this the peasant mouse told his friend sighing and leaving his hunger aside. I’m leaving, goodbye my friend, it’s true that you have a lot of food and very delicious, but there are so many dangers that you have to face in order to eat it. However, I can live like an ant and only eat barley and wheat but without fear.

Animal Fable 2020
Animal Fable 2020″ long fable animals with a moral lesson

The battered pig

Once upon a time, long ago but many years ago, a pig escaped from a farm that was badly mistreated by the rest of his companions. He justify the farm and spent many days walking without finding a direction until he found a large flock of rams that were eating peacefully in an extensive meadow.The poor little pig approached very slowly and without making noise, hoping to mix with them if they damaged it. The rams did not harm him and also allowed him to join the flock as if he were others.Several days passed and the pig continued with the rams until the day the shepherd realized he was there and took him and took him to his house.

When he was caught by that man, he began to growl loudly and do everything possible to try to free himself from the pastor’s hands. The rams when seeing that situation began to strongly fight the poor pig.Hey, the friend doesn’t make such a fuss. We are also seized by the pastor and we do not make such a noise.The very annoying pig answered them.Do not compare, because the situation is not the same since when he grabs you it is only to remove the wool, he wants me to take the meat.

Moral: There are things that you can not have again and that is why it is worth crying but you should not cry for what you can repair.

The greedy cat

This is the story of a cat that loved to eat, mainly sardines that were his favorite dish. He was a little withdrawn and clumsy and could almost never eat what he liked so much.One day while walking he decided to go beyond normal and that was when his luck changed because he arrived at a market located very close to the coast. That market had boxes full of sardines and other fish that fishermen offered as merchandise.The poor cat was so hungry that he forgot how shy and clumsy he was and went to look for those sardines. As a strategy, it was proposed to monitor the sellers, and nothing more than one of these was neglected, he got into one of the boxes catching a very beautiful between his mustaches.

Although he wanted to act with discretion, he was so clumsy that the seller quickly realized what he was doing and began to pursue him very angry throughout the market.He ran a lot to save himself from that annoying salesman and that was when he came to a forest that had a beautiful stream surrounded by a lot of fresh grass. There he felt safe and thought he had reached the ideal place to savor that tasty sardine. Suddenly, the cat looked into the water and thought he had seen another cat with an even larger and more delicious sardine.

His envy was so great that he decided to jump into the water to take it off.He quickly realized that there was no cat or sardine and that all he had done was to see his own distorted and larger reflection on the water. When he came out of the water he saw that he had lost his wanted sardine and that he could no longer taste it.Poor cat, what a hard lesson he received for being carried away by envy and gluttony!

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