Is it safe to put numerous stickers on the back of a laptop?

    By Alisha
    September 20, 2020
    1 min read

    Depends on the type of laptop and how much you love it/if you plan to ever sell it.

    Personally, I tend to put stickers of work hardware I buy along the way on mine 🙂

    I work about 10+ hours a day on mine, and I have a razer and oculus sticker on my MSI laptop I use for work every day and they still stick as good as ever a year later.

    Basically it comes down to, if you need to sell the computer later, then I’d advise against it.

    OR maybe if you have a laptop that runs really hot, I’m sure theres a potential for cheap stickers to fall off. But you should be fine.

    Otherwise, stick away if you feel so inclined (and you own the stickers and laptop). 😉

    (EDIT: Definitely do NOT cover any ports or fans with your stickers. Generally the rear of the screen is the best place.)

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