FAQ Category: Laptop

    What is the ideal display size of a best laptop?

    The ideal display size of a regular laptop is 15.6 inches, which provides a comfortable view. If you go for more than 15.6-inch laptops, than the weight would be heavy, which would be difficult to carry. And if you go for less than a 15.6-inch laptop, the display would get smaller and not really comfortable.

    What are the pros of full HD screens?

    Certainly, the Full HD screens provide you a high-resolution display with great clarity as they put up more pixels as compared to the regular non-HD screens. The 4K screens can contain 4 times more pixels than a regular HD screen.

    What is a memory cache?

    Every task done on the laptop has to experience the memory cache before the CPU conveys them out. You will discover that the laptop will slow down if multiple files are opened at the same time. Expert picture editors who work broadly on software need a larger memory cache.

    How long do laptops last?

    Most ordinary laptops have a one year warranty. But the average lifespan of your laptop may vary according to its price. If you buy a laptop below $700 it may last from 2-4 years while if you spend from $1000-1500 you can definitely expect your laptop to last 5 years. That being said some of…