FAQ Category: Best fanless laptops

    How does fanless laptop work?

    In the best fanless laptop, the whole metal body works as a heatsink which is enough to disperse the heat of those low watt processors and maintain an ideal temperature.

    Are convertible fanless laptops good?

    Convertible fanless laptops bring the best of portability and performance. You can also go for some trusted 2-in-1s from the likes of Microsoft and Dell.

    Is cooling pad good for a laptop?

    Yes, they are right, especially for a gaming or high-end laptop — the cooling pad help to reduce the operating temperature of the notebook.

    Can fanless laptops last for a long period of time?

    Yes, the lack of mechanical fans doesn’t really affect the longevity of the laptop. Nowadays, manufacturers are also inventing new design technologies that enable quick dissipation of heat from the CPU.

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