Top 3 Fable for children

Top 3 Fable for children: best Fable for Children in this is

Animal Riddles Book Fable for children

The unlucky hunter

This is the story of the most unfortunate hunter of all, Juan, who on the day of his sister’s wedding was to provide the main course that would decorate the wedding treat.Juan had been instructed by his mother to hunt a hare because the matchmaker wanted rabbit at the banquet, but it turns out that he barely went out hunting and spotted a hare, Juan pointed the trigger in vain.He had more aim than anyone, but that day the bullets did not hit the dam and fell to the ground.

Juan thought he had heard a voice from inside the shotgun and then saw how the hare he had shot was walking in front of him dressed as a bride and with a bouquet of flowers.It turns out that the animal also got married and this seemed very strange to Juan, who understood that strange things were happening that day.That is why he decided to change his objective and went to capture a beautiful pheasant, but as soon as he pulled his trigger the bullets fell back to the ground and the beautiful animal fled from that unfortunate hunter.

Rabid Juan then went for a huge bird that was in a nearby tree. He aimed well as always, but when firing the projectiles they went to the ground like ants and not to the front, as it should be.Helpless and aware of the fray his mother and sister would give him to go empty-handed on the latter’s wedding day, Juan returned home wondering what the hell was going on that day. His shotgun spoke and spit out the projectiles, as if not wanting to harm any animal.

Top 3 Fable for children 2020
Top 3 Fable for children 2020: best Fable for Children in this is

When he got home his mother asked him what he had hunted.Juan could only say:Three huge tantrums. Do you have how to cook them?From that day on Juan was known as the unlucky hunter, although he had always been the one with the best aim.

The Playful Ass

This was a very playful ass, who had no experience to resist. All the fun I saw, I wanted to do it without stopping to think if it was something suitable to do.Thus, one day he began to perch on the roof of his master’s house and begin to jump from here to there playfully.He jumped so much that he ended up breaking the roof, which greatly upset his master.Annoyed, he sought a log and severely punished the ass, who did not understand why he was punished.The day before he had seen a monkey do exactly the same and when he finished, instead of receiving blows,

He received applause from everyone who had observed him.But it turns out that the blows soon taught the ass.From that day on he understood that everything that is seen should not be imitated since each one is good for something or several specific things, and not necessarily for everything that is often seen.

The Rabbit Perico

Once upon a time, there was a very cunning and mischievous rabbit named Perico, who had a splendid white fur and a beautiful and neat little house, in which he was very happy.Perico had a habit of going to a deep well every afternoon in which he threw himself to rest while he was sunbathing and drank rich water every time thirst poked out of his body.However, one day this custom of Perico brought him a trick. It turns out that near there passed the evil wolf, who with his shotgun and fierce had scared all the animals of the region, to whom he stole his belongings.He who resisted the threats of the evil animal could pay with his life or, in the best case, take an ugly wound product of the shot that the wolf threw at them with his weapon.

So close was the wolf of Perico that day, that he did not see how to avoid the fierce animal and understood that it was best to think of a good and fast plan.Thus, when the wolf reached the well and the rabbit had everything devised.Give me all your belongings without a joke or you will pay with your life –said the dreaded animal fiercely.But Perico pretended not to have heard him and pretended to be crying and lamenting for something greater than the rest of his belongings. Why precisely today had to happen to me? –General Perico.- Come to lose exactly today my great gold medal.Hearing gold talk, the wolf ignored everything else.How do I pray? What medal? Where? – I asked Perico incoherently.Cunningly he said:-A very large gold medal that my family has always owned and that foolishly slipped out of my hands, to go straight to the bottom of the well. I will have to dive and look for her.

“Stop there, big ear,” the wolf ordered. I will look for it because it will be for me that medal, so still, do not move and explain to me without joking where exactly it fell.Without thinking, the wolf detached itself from his clothes and shotgun and descended to the bottom of the well.He searched and searched, but he couldn’t find anything, he only heard Perico’s bustling laugh, which had easily fooled him.

What are you laughing at? He asked Perico.

Well see you, I laugh that he came to steal me and now you will be the damaged one. I will take his clothes and his shotgun, and he will never scare or steal any other animal – explained the rabbit, who said and done, justify the foolish wolf naked and unarmed at the bottom of the well.When he was able to leave the well, he was mocked for walking naked. More would never cheat or make anyone fear more, and all thanks to the cunning of the Perico rabbit.

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