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Fable for children: The son of the king and lion & lion and the dolphin

Book Fable for children lion and the dolphin

The son of the king and the painted lion and lion

Once upon a time, there was a powerful king who had only one child, whom he protected a lot despite the fact that he was an expert in martial arts and other defense disciplines.Thus, the monarch dreamed one day that his son died because of a lion, the most powerful of the creatures of those parts.As a result of his vision, the king did not stop to think and ordered to build a great castle for his son. In it he placed all the comforts he could wish for and painted on walls and murals all the images that he might need to see in order not to lose all his links with the outside world.

Among those paintings was one that recreated a fierce lion, which aroused the wrath of the prince, when he was confined between the walls of the castle, away from his usual dynamics and his friends.“Because of you, abominable creature,” said the prince to the lion, “my father has locked me in these walls.” He saw you attacking me in a dream and afraid that this silly vision would come true, nothing else could happen to him except this prison.More and more annoying the young man did grab a stick from the branches of one of the trees that surrounded the wall with the lion’s painting. However, the stick he made to take had thorns that drove him and made him bleed immediately.

What looked like a slight prick was worsening rapidly, for the tree was lethally poisonous. Thus, the prince contracted a sudden fever that after a few hours ended his life.In a way, although not as his father imagined, he had died because of a lion and his own recklessness.The king understood with much regret that day that even the greatest fears cannot make us decide lightly.

lion and the dolphin
Fable for children : The son of the king and lion & lion and the dolphin

The lion and the dolphin

They say that one day a lion walked calmly along the coast and saw a beautiful and vigorous dolphin peeking out of the water.The lion knew that this was the king of aquatic animals, so he thought that he, king of the jungle, would do well to ally himself with the agile mammal.Thus, he proposed to the dolphin seal an alliance pact, by which they would defend each other if necessary. The dolphin accepted gladly because he also appreciated the strength and dexterity of the lion on earth and also believed that this could be useful.However, one day the lion was beating with a wild bull that was costing him more work than usual and endangered his integrity.

The fight became more fierce per second and he moved to the coast, where the lion called his ally and asked for help.The dolphin tried to fulfill his pact and defend, but as much as he jumped he was unable to intervene in the fight that was taking place on the shore. In short, it was a dolphin and its domains did not go beyond water.Annoyed, the lion exclaimed. What a silly pact I have made with you, that the first time I need you, you cannot help me.This bothered the dolphin very much, which more intelligently than the lion analyzed and said.

We should not blame each other, because it is the fault of nature, which made us one for the water and another for the earth. After this, we are both guilty of pretending to be more than our share.In this way, both the lion and the dolphin understood their strategic error and never forgot that it is best to make friends and alliances with those people who can really be by our side when we need them.

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