Judy And Moody: Reading Of Kids The Great Benefits Is

Book Judy And Moody

Judy Moody is a

Judy Moody’s friends and readers know that she wants to become like Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor. And Judy feels closer to her dream when she arrives in class and finds out that she has to do a project on the human body.

Judy Moody is in a bad mood

Summer vacations have come to an end. Together with his friends, Frank and Rocky, he will have a whole series of fun and ingenious episodes on his return to school.

Judy And Moody: Reading Of Kids The Great Benefits Is

Judy Moody becomes famous

MEGAN McDONALDJ                                                                                                essica Finch, the smartie in the class, goes out in the newspaper … even Judy’s brother, Stink, once appeared on TV. Judy Moody also wants to be famous! So urgently summon the RM club .

Judy Moody declares herself independent

Judy has met Tori and realizes that this girl has many more freedoms than she does! He has his own phone, his bathroom, and even a weekly payment! Judy, neither short nor lazy, will declare to her parents her own war of independence.

Judy Moody Saves the planet

In science class, Judy learns that tropical forests are being destroyed and that there are many animals about to disappear. In addition, the entire planet has serious environmental problems. Judy has a brilliant idea: she must save the planet.

Judy Moody Around the world in eight and a half days

In this new installment, Judy does herself a school work on Italy alone. But it is a job that they had to do in a group. On the day of the work exhibition, Judy appears dressed in the colors of the Italian flag and with a leaning tower of pizza trays.His work is very successful, but the teacher proposes that they do it again but the whole group together. What will the new exhibition be like? Can you imagine it?

Judy Moody guesses the future

Do you dare to ask Judy for a CMI? In this new book, Judy Moody has a humor ring and “Super Special Powers.” Who will be Madame M?

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