zebra crossing 2020

Funny zebra crossing and fun riddles to make you laugh

Riddles zebra crossing

Some Funny riddles

  1. Five very close brothers who can’t look at each other, when they quarrel even if you want you can’t separate them.
    See Solution: The fingers
    Hint: We have a them in our hands
  2. I am an animal in the field, I am painting in the city and my name as Braulio says in this street is.
    See Solution: The zebra crossing
    Hint: We cross it in the street

Funny and very funny riddles

Within the world of funny riddles you can find different levels, which will depend on the difficulty of finding the solution of it. For this reason, if your son or daughter likes fun riddles and you see that they perform very well with those of simple level, this time we recommend you to step forward and bet on the most entertaining, which are slightly more complex and above all, very funny.

zebra crossing
Funny zebra crossing and fun riddles to make you laugh

But before going into more details we have to remember that funny and funny riddles are riddles that have been thought for children , through which they seek to exercise their mind and mental understanding. this way they will be able find the solution or the answer to it.

Normally the riddles are usually simple, with the aim of facilitating the response of the child to whom we throw the riddle of laughter, but sometimes the difficulty increases, which translates into that we can find them in different degrees of difficulty.

On the other hand, we have to add that in order to perform a good fun riddle for elementary school children, we must first use language that suits their age. On the other side very important that the clues we offer are simple to find out, with the aim of not putting the child in too much trouble when it comes to solving it. Moreover, if it is fun and not very complicated, what we are going to get is that you also learn it and tell it to your friends. This means that it will also exercise memory, which is very positive at these ages, since they are in full intellectual development.

In turn we have to say that it is unknown when the first logical and humorous riddle was raised, but what we can tell you is that on this website you will find the most fun, whatever the level of difficulty you are looking for. For all this we recommend you read them all, so that you can keep the most interesting ones, to later tell them to your children. And it is that thanks to the great variety of funny riddles that we have, you can be sure that you will have many options, with the aim of not repeating them since once the answer is known, it loses a lot of grace.

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