D'Star's Top 6 Group 6 Concert

D’Star’s Top 6 Group 6 Concert, Selfi Borong Standing Ovation


The 2019 D’Star event is now even more exciting. Tuesday (8/20) night, 3 stars struggled again to win two positions in order to get into the Big 4 Top round. Those who demonstrated skill on Tuesday night were Reza, Weni and Selfi.Through the song Loh Kok Marah , Selfi became the first star to appear. He also successfully proved his ability. His appearance was then rewarded with standing ovation from all the judges present.The 2018 LIDA champion did not stop getting praise from Nassar. “You are beautiful, aided by your gestures and gazes, it proves that you can do everything. I am waiting for your appearance more than tonight “commented Nassar.

1. Reza Breaks the Highest Record

Appearing in second place, again Reza ‘s appearance successfully robbed Bebi Romeo’s heart. Reza also won 5 standing ovations from the jury after singing Malaysian Girls .As if not satisfied with just standing ovation, Reza also won the highest score and broke the record acquisition score at D’Star with a value of 599. At that time only Rita Sugiarto who gave 99 values ​​for Reza’s appearance.”You can rob the hearts of all the judges. You really deserve to sit on the bench, “said Bebi Romeo. Not only Bebi, Inul Daratista also did not stop being amazed by the sworddut from Bandung, West Java.”I am always amazed by Reza’s appearance. I always watch Reza’s appearance like a concert. I am waiting for the next concerts from Reza, “said Inul.

2. Lack of Musicality in Weni

D’Star Top 6 Group 2’s concert was finally closed by the performance of Weni who performed the song Muda Muda . Unfortunately, Weni’s efforts have not yet yielded maximum results. He must be satisfied to get a lower value than Reza and Selfi.Only Inul Daratista gave a standing ovation after Weni appeared. On the other hand, Soimah felt that Weni’s musicality was lacking last night.

“Your musicality is very lacking tonight, but I salute you to take extraordinary risks in your appearance tonight,” said Soimah.Although it had been accumulated with the support of viewers, Weni’s position was still below. D’Star Result Show Concert, Wednesday (8/21) tonight will be an opportunity for Weni to be able to turn things around. What is clear, Reza, Selfi and Weni must give the maximum performance to fight over the last two positions in order to qualify for the Top 4 round following Fildan and Rara.

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