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Long Fable: The cicada and the ant

cicada and the ant Fable for children Long fable

There was once a cicada and an ant that reacted distinctly to summer.The first one set out to enjoy the beauty of the pleasant season, and in that sense it was spent playing, laughing, singing and resting, while the second worked hard, accumulating provisions for harder times.Every day of the summer period was the same. The cicada enjoyed and the ant worked.However, the seasons follow each other and summer was giving way to autumn, when the vegetation yields and the food that spring and summer make available to all begin to be scarce.Gradually this was happening, but by the time the playful cicada realized, it was already too late; He had no food justify.

Then he remembered that the ant had been well stocked for the hard seasons and asked him to let her accompany her and enjoy her provisions. Annoyed by the impudence, the ant reproached the cicada and said.You didn’t see how hard I worked while you just played and laughed. Also, in my house there is no place for you as you can see by the size.In this way the cicada understood how silly it had been. His lazy attitude and lack of foresight would prevent him from happily spending autumn and winter, for those who still did not have a safe haven.Another version of the cicada and the ant.It was summer in the forest, and all the creatures lived happily to wake up every morning bathed in the sun’s rays.

The grass was a radiant green, the flowers showed beautiful colors and the water of the rivers ran happily towards the sea. The cicada was also happy to celebrate the dew of the plants and the sun’s rays every morning. Since early in the morning, she sang beautiful melodies and thus continued until the arrival of the afternoon, and even at night.The cicada sang so much that the forest animals rejoiced with their melodies and walked from side to side dancing to the beat of the music. However, a small ant that lived near the place, barely had time to stop to enjoy the songs of his companion the cicada. The ant works so much collecting food, that since it was very early in the morning until the sun went down on the horizon, our friend did not stop looking for provisions.

“Summer will not last forever, dear companion. Winter will come soon and I must be prepared. You should also do the same. ” But the cicada did nothing but laugh with thunderous laughter while the ant continued to transport fruits and grains inside his little house.Thus the days, weeks and months passed. The ant never stopped for a moment, but the cicada continued to sing with joy and unconcern. After a while, a cold air began to feel down from the mountains, the sun’s rays were not so strong and the grass had lost its shine. Winter had begun, and what was once freshness and light, now became a gray and very cold environment.The cicada no longer sang as much as before, and when night came, snow flooded the forest and filled the branches of leafless trees.

The cicada  2020
Long Fable: The cicada and the ant 2020

Tired of so much walking and without finding a good shelter, the cicada arrived at the ant’s house, removing the snowflakes from the place. With great effort she knocked on her friend’s door, and since the sound of the cold wind was unbearable, she shouted with all her might.“My friend, please. I am faded by fatigue and hunger, my body will not endure so cold and I fear I can die frozen. Help me, I need to eat something and protect myself. Please!”. But the ant paid no attention to the sobs of the cicada, and after hearing his prayers for a while, he approached the door and said.“Sorry, cicada friend.

I worked hard to gather food and protect myself from the cold, and in the meantime, what did you do? What did you spend your time on while summer was still good? “Well, I sang and sang accompanied by the sun’s rays. I was very happy, but now not so much.”“So, if you dedicated yourself to singing all this time under the Sun, now it’s your turn to dance to the beat of the cold. That happens to loafers like you.

”And that said, the little ant walked away from the door to continue with his dinner and enjoy the warmth so pleasant that his little house gave him. And the cicada? Well, he had no choice but to spend a hard winter surrounded by snow, but we are sure that he learned his lesson once and for all.That’s right, dear friends, time is money and we must know how to take advantage of it. Do not waste it.

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