Tips to Choose the Best Laptop

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    August 20, 2020
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    Many times before buying a laptop , we usually compare it, analyze prices and go back to reviewing it online until we are really sure that this laptop is the ideal one for us; And that is why today we will give you some guide tips that will help you choose the best laptop .

    There is something to clarify; the design and model will depend on the budget and type of use that we want to give our future laptop .

    Choose the Best Laptop

    Choose the Best Laptop

    Technical specifications

    This is one of the most important points and that is the technical characteristics such as the processor (i3, i5, i7, i9, etc.), storage and RAM; will depend on the type of use we want to give our laptop.

    A good processor is important for the optimal performance of our laptop and as we mentioned earlier; This will depend on the use we give it, such as video games, design programs, video editing or simple academic tasks.

    The Storage can be: SSD (Solid State Unit in Spanish), which has a higher speed of reading and writing data and also has no moving parts; for which, they are quieter and much more recommended against bumps and falls.

    In the other corner we have the HDD , this type of storage keeps the information on metal plates that work mechanically, that is why they are slower than SSDs; since it is directly related to a head that slows down the recording or reading of data.

    1. Most laptops come with 4, 8 and 16 of RAM .
    2. For standard use it is recommended to have an 8 RAM.
    3. To work, the minimum is to have a 16 GB one.

    Operating system

    Something to keep in mind is to consider how comfortable we can be with our future laptop since if we are used to Windows and we buy a Mac , a considerable change will be felt and vice versa. Another point to consider is that some applications are exclusive according to the operating system to choose.


    As for the screen, the TN , LCD and IPS types are mostly used . However, for the exclusive use of your future laptop, it is recommended to have one with IPS technology since it will allow us to see from any angle without suffering any change in color or image.

    Likewise, the resolution is of the utmost importance, preferably Full HD , HD + or if you already project in the future and if it reaches the budget, why not 4K .


    The keyboard is a key piece when choosing our future laptop since our comfort will depend on it. Now, beyond a comfortable design for the user; we must see usability such as: that it can be illuminated when we have little light. Likewise, we must consider a touchpad with good response.


    The connectivity is of paramount importance when purchasing a laptop since its purpose is to carry out our work from anywhere. These ports will provide greater autonomy to our equipment: USB , USB type C, HDMI , card readers and of course, a good Internet connection .

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