Books 14 years 2020

Books 14 years old Kids reading: Importance of Reading Kids

Book Books 14 years

Don’t order sardine out of season

In a suburb of Barcelona, ​​a teenager who is fond of the private investigator will discover the weavings of another young man who, without studying, passes his exams with “too much” brilliance.

The Alchemist

When Sophie and Josh Newman, two teenagers living in San Francisco decide to get to work in a bookstore in the summer to get some money, they don’t imagine that the affable owners, Nicolas and Peronelle, are actually the last guardians of a book magical and millennial, responsible for the balance between Good and Evil .A battle for Good and Evil is about to be fought and the future of the world will be justify to two teenagers .

Books 14 years
Books 14 years old Kids reading: Importance of Reading Kids

The dream of the lost city

There are business trips, others for pleasure … The one Mario is about to undertake is neither one nor the other. Those who justify before him, including his father, are dead Ink heart
Original fantasy in which its protagonists sometimes travel to the worlds enclosed in books and, other times, the characters of the books come to the real world.

From my hell

Silvia is a young archeologist who teaches for the first time as a substitute for a teacher who is on leave due to depression. The first day, he attends the funeral of a student who has died in mysterious circumstances. From the relationship established between the teacher and her students, new data come to light that may be the key to discover the cause of Samir’s death, wrapped in a suspicious silence.

We will never be Rock stars

The coexistence between Ventura, a rock and movie fan, and his parents is impossible. That’s why he runs away from home; a flight marked by encounters with other fugitives, increasingly vertiginous and impossible …


Bella is in danger again: a series of mysterious murders are sowing panic in the town, and there is an evil being behind her, thirsty for revenge. In addition, he will have to choose between his love for Edward and his friendship with Jacob, aware that his decision can definitely trigger the war between vampires and werewolves.

The wordless book

The wordless book seems to be blank, but a reader with green eyes will be able to read it and reveal the magic in its pages, will know how to make gold, and the instructions to achieve immortality. But one day, the book falls into the hands of a desperate young man.

New Moon

For Bella Swan, there is one thing is more recently important information thanher own life: Edward Cullen. But falling in love with a vampires is more very dangerous than Bella could have ever imagined communities. Edward already issued rescued Bella clutches a devilish vampire, but now, as their risky relationship threatens everything that is close and dear to them, they realize that their problems may just be beginning …
Don’t look at the moonlight through the glassware.Mario spies on a woman he believes are involved in a kidnapping. She notices and will soon let the young voyeur know.

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