Books 11-13 years

Books 11-13 years old Kids reading: Importance of Reading Kids


Danny the world champion

Danny is proud of his father and thinks he is the best he could have, until one night he discovers his great secret. But despite everything, Danny is firmly determined to help his father.

The endless story

The Child Empress is mortally ill and her kingdom is in grave danger. Salvation depends on Atreyu, a brave warrior from the tribe of green skins, and Bastian, a shy child who passionately reads a magic book.

Books 11-13 years 2020
Books 11-13 years old Kids reading: Importance of Reading Kids 2020

Get away from Mississippi!

Emma can’t believe it: they just gave her a real horse! It is Mississippi, the mare of the late Don Juan Sotobrante – only his grandmother Dolly, whose house is a real shelter for abandoned animals, could make such an amazing gift. Surely with Mississippi these are going to be a fantastic vacation, full of excitement and adventures!

This book is cursed

A book over two hundred years old is sowing terror in our time. Its pages, full of the strange stories of a madman, contain secrets capable of tempting readers along prohibited paths.

Nacho on top of a cherry

Nacho never gets bored. In fact, he is an explorer of life and, since he was smaller than a tadpole, he is aware of the details, which is capable of making a vulgar flu a succession of events. He has great friends like Ojalaque, Rafa the giraffe or Chus, the ghost.It seems to Nacho, like his grandfather, Tomás, that without imagination you can’t even go to the dentist. And much less, fall in love.

Peter Pan in Scarlet Red

Peter Pan in Scarlet Red is the second official part of the unforgettable story written over 100 years ago by JM Barrie. Something strange is happening in Neverland. Dreams are coming out of there.

Potilla and the thief in hats

One night Arthur finds in the forest a sock tied with veronica. He opens it and discovers that inside there is a small doll with colored dress and wax skin. Soon he realizes that it is not a doll but a fairy.She is Potilla, the queen of the fairies who live on a hill in the forest and who has been robbed of the kingdom by a quadruped being. Potilla is bossy, terribly, but Arthur, overcoming her fears, will try to help her recover her kingdom with the help of her cousins ​​B&B and Esther, a neighbor.

Monster tattoo

In the Central Continent, a boy named Rossamünd is about to embark on a journey to his destination: a great adventure full of unexpected encounters in which he must learn who to trust, who to fear and, above all, to choose his path with watch out

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